About Us

We feel proud to introduce over selves as PATEL ART, the fastest growing one in the field of photography and digital photo designing. We are the successful participant of the national and international level events like 'Target Photofair -2008' at Ahmedabad and 'AIPTIA Photofair - 2009' at Delhi and got an overwhelming favorable feedback from the customers across the globe, and we hope it will be continued in future.

We invite you to take a look at the plethora of services that we offer:

Our talented fine art designer and the owner with more than 20 years of experience in oil painting and bromide work have now put his hands on digital painting and create backgrounds useful for photographer friends in their daily studio usage. It includes studio backgrounds, portrait backgrounds, wedding special backgrounds, templates, etc. All these files are available in PSD multi layer format with high resolution (300 dpi) and large size. You can find samples of all these backgrounds in our photo gallery.

We also design large customized wallpapers suitable for the walls of your home, drawing room, bed room, corporate office and so on.

We are involved in outdoor photography especially in wedding functions, professional modeling photography, cultural photography, etc. There are various packages available as per the customer requirements.

We also design portrait photo album for preserving your family memories and portrait handbook for modeling purpose.

We offer our photographic expertise as in the form of resource person (trainer) at photographic workshops.