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Aasav & Anuradha

Aasav & Anuradha's Wedding

In the vibrant land of India, where traditions and cultures blend seamlessly, we find the pre-wedding photoshoot of Asav and Anuradha. Amidst the colorful tapestry of Indian heritage, this photoshoot captures the essence of their love, rooted in timeless customs and promising a future filled with joy and togetherness.

Next, the couple finds themselves on a serene lake, floating in a traditional boat adorned with marigold flowers. The setting sun casts a warm glow over the water, as Asav and Anuradha share intimate moments of love and affection. Their reflection in the calm waters symbolizes their union, soulmates destined to be together.

The pre-wedding photoshoot of Asav and Anuradha paints a beautiful picture of their Indian love saga—a tale of joy, tradition, unity, and a promising future together.


Asav & Anuradha


14 November 2020


Wedding & Pre-Wedding ("Eternal Bonds of Love - An Indian Saga")

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