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Shreeya & Vivek

Shreeya & Vivek'S Wedding

In the heart of a picturesque countryside, where rolling hills meet endless skies, two souls found each other. Meet Vivek & Shreeya, a couple deeply in love, ready to embark on their journey towards forever. The pre-wedding photoshoot tells the story of their love blooming with every step they take together.

The pre-wedding photoshoot captures the essence of Vivek & Shreeya’s love story—a journey of growth, adventure, playfulness, intimacy, and deep affection. As the sun sets on the day, the couple is left with a treasure trove of memories, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in their lives—their wedding day.

The wedding photoshoot narrates the beautiful story of Vivek & Shreeya’s wedding day—the nervous excitement, the profound emotions, the heartfelt vows, and the celebration of love. The images encapsulate the start of their new chapter as husband and wife, united by two hearts beating as one forever.


Shreeya & Vivek


14 November 2020


Wedding & Pre-Wedding ("Love Blooms with Every Step")

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